Harley HOG Chapter Zurich

The Harley Owners Group for short H.O.G.® is a global organization which was founded in 1983 by Harley Davidson in the USA. Today there are more than 1,400 official H.O.G. Chapters. The story of H.O.G. in Switzerland began in 1990 with the registration of the first chapter. In 1991, today's Zurich Chapter was founded as an association based on this registration.

Each chapter is based on an official Harley Davidson dealer called the "Sponsoring Dealer". The Zurich Chapter belongs to Harley Davidson, Mönchaltorf; also known as Müller & Jussel. The relationship is described in the charter (see download).

The commonality is owning a Harley Davidson and enjoying riding. From March to October we organize trips (rides) to trips to international meetings of H.O.G.®. The rides usually take place in Switzerland and neighboring countries. We regularly travel to international H.O.G. To meet. Sometimes to Port Grimaud, sometimes to Portorož, sometimes to Dresden or to Hamburg.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to drive all year round, but club life never stops. On the one hand, we meet every month for the "Höck". A cozy evening with gasoline talks and good food ... on the other hand, we organize exciting coach trips or we continue to train ourselves as emergency helpers or route planners ... at the "Open House" of our sponsoring dealer, which takes place twice a year we lend catering and traffic control support.

Our social commitment is the Love Ride which takes place annually in Dübendorf. Our sponsoring dealer provides the bandanas and we distribute them among the participants.

Security and respect are very important. Compliance with the group riding rules is, like annual rider training, a must! We are open and treat everyone with respect. As we respect our acquaintances, colleagues and friends, we also respect all participants in road traffic. We are considerate and act with foresight.

If you drive a Harley Davidson you are very welcome. We are a colorful group of approx. 60 bikers between the ages of 30 and 70. We are interested in common ground and not in the origin. The common hobby counts.

Our chapter also features "Ladies of Harley® (LOH)". Our ladies are always there, whether as bikers or as associate members, and occasionally meet for a ride.